About Us 

Medcure is a Herbal product brand dedicated to providing natural and eco-friendly herbal products across Australia. We supply both organic and non-organic herbal merchandise that can be bought through our website, various stores, and herbal practitioners as well.  

Medcure in its pursuit of furnishing authentic and sophisticated herbal products that has left no stone unturned. Our range of simple yet elegant products caters to the beauty, lifestyle, and cosmetic needs of our customers. We provide our services to every kind of customer, be it the general public, wholesalers, and or herbal specialists.  

Who We Are? 

Medcure is a herbal product brand operating under the banner of  kL4 Pty. Ltd. Our premier manufacturers are Khandige Organics (headquartered in Bangalore, India) and Vasudeva Vilasam (Headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala). The companies are foremost in producing herbal products (they have been adept at it since the late 1800s) for our brand.  

Our mission is to promote a range of products that are Organic, and Natural, to advance the healthy living and wellbeing of the Australian community.

Our regal line of merchandise, replete with elemental, earthy, and organic ingredients serves many a purpose. Each one of our products has been charmingly and elegantly packaged to be distributed across Australia. 

Our Philosophy  


Medcure’s origins took root in India. As people who grew up amidst nature, most of us know the various benefits of herbal products, and the culture surrounding it could not be ignored. We have experienced its influence through every fraction of our life. Fast forward to when we came to Australia. Almost immediately, we fell in love with the land of the Kangaroos and envisioned the rest of our lives here. Naturally, the urge to introduce the rich Indian culture coupled with its traditional herbal influence to an Australian audience made sense to us. And that is what brought this idea to life.  

Once the idea formed, we decided to research on what could be the most ideal yet affordable herbal treatments for people living in Australia. We spent over 10 months looking for top-notch quality products throughout India, beginning from the south and gradually westward. We even appointed staff in India to find out who the best of herbal manufacturers were.  

After collecting enough samples and testing them, we narrowed it down to two premier manufacturers in India. In addition to having their own manufacturing plant, testing center, and export facilities, the manufacturers boast more than 100 years of experience in the field of herbal products. 

Initially founded by monks, back in the day, the following generations continue to serve mankind with their superior herbal treatments. Thus, we concluded that their products would be most fitting for the Australian people. All in all, we find that we are just getting started and have a merry road ahead of us. Join us on our journey and you’ll discover the Elemental, Enlightened and Regal trademark that is Medcure.