Why Register with Medcure?

Registering with Medcure allows us to fulfil your order and expedite your future shopping experiences. This way, the next time you return to shop with us, you can simply enter your email and password and rest of the information will be obtained from our database, including items previously added to your shopping cart,to facilitate your check out. 

Additionally, we welcome all wholesalers and practitioners to join us on our wholesale and doctor network. You can register yourself either as a wholesaler or a doctor through our website’s sign-up page. Once a wholesale account application is approved, your account is eligible for an appropriate bulk discount. To apply for a wholesale account please provide details through.

What are the three types of registrations? 

  1. Guest or public registration (Restricted – contact Medcure)
  2. Health practitioner registration (Medcure verification is required upon registration) 
  3. Wholesale registration  (Restricted – contact Medcure) 


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